You feel that something is missing in your life. You feel that something has to change. There is a reason we have come into contact with each other. 


I thought it was very special to lay out my tarot cards for you. There was an energy released that I have rarely experienced. It gave me a glimpse into your life. A life that has not always been easy and even now you still experience difficulties on your path.

I feel that change is coming. You can feel this too. Close your eyes. Think back to the moment we first had contact with each other. The moment I told you that the last card you choose - the Star - stands for prosperity. Can you still remember the feeling of hope and relief? This is the sign that you can soon lead the life you are entitled to.

1. Your unique personality

My cards also showed me that you are a go-getter. You must be, because otherwise you would not have come all this way already. You are always looking for happiness. You are open to positive changes. Keep this up,  because this will also ensure that you’ll eventually get what you have been longing for for so long.

Besides the fact that you have a lot of perseverance, you are also a very cordial personality. Despite the fact that some people do not always treat you fairly, you are often willing to forgive them. You will not completely ban anyone from your heart. When you dream about having a big fortune, you always think of others. This adorns you as a person. It makes it clear to me that it is very important that I help you find the way to happiness. Is happiness for the taking? It is if you know what to look out for. If you want me to teach you this, you must accept my help...

2. Your happiness in love

Love does not exist only between two lovers. It includes much more than that. It's about relationships between people. If my cards refer to your life and happiness in the future, you should see this more broadly.

You often enjoy being among people, although you also like having time to yourself. You need this time alone, because the presence of others can cost you a lot of energy. You also feel that others do not understand you a lot of the time. It is difficult for them to understand what is going on within you. Unfortunately, this is usually in the way of finding true love.

However, looking at my cards, I see that things are about to change. Also in the area of love, you can expect a revolution. This is closely related to the disappearance of your financial problems. Just imagine: when you can finally do what you have been dreaming about for so long, you will also come into contact with people who better suit your lifestyle. The right person will come into your life! Keep this in mind,  when things are not going so well in terms of relationship.

Once you have taken the right path, you will notice this in everything. Not only in financial prosperity, but also in happiness in love. This is where I help you find the right path.

3. Your pitfalls

The cards show me that you can expect many beautiful and positive changes. However, I do not only have good news for you. I have to warn you, because things will not automatically go smoothly. I see that you can expect adversity and I see some risks on your path. These risks can even ensure that some of the changes for good will never take place. Certainly I don’t have to tell you that you must absolutely prevent this from happening!

4. My advice and my help

As I have already entrusted you before, you are not alone. You can count on me. I will give you advice and assist you in the choices you make. I know that in many cases you will now be inclined to reconsider this all over again. 

After I had laid out all the cards for you, I pulled one last card. This would tell me more about the time frame within which you must act. 

Here you can read what you have to do to finally become a happy person.

I believe in you,
Medium Christina

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